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This will be the starting guide for this campaign. First off there will be a few rules.

There are several rule changes to be found in the wiki.

This is a campaign based of the the Warcraft and World of Warcraft games. This is also an evil campaign, and you will be in a party that is aligned with one of the four evil factions that inhabit outland, the destroyed remains of draenor.

The three factions in which you can choose to work for include:

The Illidari: The Illidari work for Illidan Stormrage, the current “ruler” of outland, who is marshaling his forces to return to azeroth with the intent of destroying the lich king, and eventually turning against the burning legion. You can not be neutral in order to be a part of this faction.

The Sunstriders: The blood elves that split of from silvermoon to come to outland in search of magic, lead my Kael’thas Sunstrider. You can not be good in order to be a part of this faction.

Vashari Naga Called upon by Illidan from the depths of azeroth’s great sea, the Vashari naga came to outland in search of power via the subjugation of demons. You must be evil in order to be a part of this faction.

The Burning Legion The horde of demons lead by Sargeras the Dark Titan, who is slowly working on wiping out all of creation. This faction is comprised on many demonic races, all of which are servants to Sargeras and his two commanders, Kil’Jaeden, and Archemond. You must be chaotic evil in order to be a part of this faction.

No matter the faction you are not allowed to be Lawful Good, unless you are an anti paladin.

Introduction: Illidari

After having conquered The Black Temple, removing Mannoroth from power, Illidan is now marshaling his forces and spreading his reach over this broken world. Using his knowledge of portals, and demonic summoning, he has gained control over a large army of demons to further augment his armor of demon hunters, blood elves, and naga.

Due to his failure to kill Arthas, Illidan is pretty far up on the list of people that the Burning Legion wants dead, and so he now has a constant battle with the legion for control of Outland. While the burning legion’s commander on Outland is his prisoner, he needs to continue to push the legion back if he has any chance of retaining his hold. For this purpose his trusted commanders have started putting together forward teams to be sent out into the lands to scout and capture points of power. He is using people from all of his allies for these teams to allow him the best chance of success with the least amount of risk to his primary forces. You are one of these teams.

As the current situation is, there is not all out way, but there are constant small skirmishes with the Burning legion and with the local wildlife and races, mainly the ogres and gronn. Illidan was able to shut down the primary nether gateways off of the world, but it is only a matter of time until one is reopened, and the legion makes a full return.

All members of the party will be sent messages having them report to Varedis, the Illidari demon hunter commander. He will give you the direct assignments based on your specialties.

Domination of Outland (Canceled)

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