Incubi (Race for Joe)

Demons of Seduction

Succubi and Inubi are the mental specialists of the legion, proffering to gain power via seduction, trickery, and smart tactics, rather than corruption and brute force like the majority of the legion.

Racial Traits
Incubi count as the Devil Subtype, granting them several traits.

This grants weak ones poison immunity (3-8) and strong ones gain fire immunity (9+).

It grants them telepathic communication, as well as allowing them to speak all languages other than mechanical and elemental languages.

Perfect Darkvision

Proficiency and Mastery in Sexual Weapons. They are proficient with all weapons that have an application in seduction, such as whips, grappling hooks, chains, daggers, and the like. When used for attacking, they get a +2 to attacks made with them. While wielding a Sexual Weapon, Incubi get +4 to perform checks that involve seduction.

Perfect Figure: Incubi are speedy, slender, and flexible, but not particularly strong or tough. All Incubi Have +2 Dex, +4 Cha, -3 STR and -3 CON. They can trade their immunties for a +4 to INT

Racial Abilities

Demonic Speed: Due to their light figure and wings, Incubi have a base move speed of 40.

Demonic Flight: While they do have wings, they are very small, and can only be used for gliding.

Enthrallment: If an Incubi can successfully seduce, and sleep with a sentient creature, it can make a perform check. If it succeeds, the creature it slept with becomes an Enthralled follower. Enthralled follows are compelled to do as their master asks, even to the point of threatened self harm. If the command could be deadly to the Enthralled follower, it can make a will save to ignore the command.

Incubi (Race for Joe)

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