The Rules

Due to the unusual nature of this campaign, all character stats/race/class must be ran by the GM. Furthermore because this is a warcraft campaign, so you will be rewarded for creating character that fit the warcraft theme, and punished for creating characters that do not. This campaign will be starting at level 6. The stat rolling system is 3d6+2 dropping 1s, rolled 7 times dropping the lowest. If you are able to recreate a character class or well used NPC class from the games with your character, I will grant you an ability or spell that is used by that class in the games. If you are able to perfectly recreate a world of warcraft class and spec along with it's play style, your character will get +2 to all stats.

There are several things that I am banning or heavily nerfing.

Anything that grants true sight. No save kill spells.

Anything that allows for teleportation of more than 1 mile.

Nature's Path All damaging or offensive spells are limited to a range of 850 feet.

All material transmutation is changed to only effect items that can be counted to be within a character's inventory and can weigh no more than 150 pounds.

I may on the spot ban some of the stupidly specific and insanely over powered spells that pathfinder has. I probably won't though.

This is a 1000% scale world, so it is far, far larger than the actual in game world, and is not a exact copy, though the basic land masses will be the same. Due to this, if you can come up with a mount that fits your character, I will grant it to you free of charge.

No matter what faction you are from, you are not allowed to be Lawful Good. All players start with Knowledge: Planes as a class skill. I am doing away with the pathfinder crafting system entirely. Character start with normal gold up until level 6 upon creation, in which the normal pathfinder gold rate rules will apply. Anything afterward will be entirely up to the DM upon character creation. In order to craft something, you will need to have a profession or craft skill having to do with the item you want to craft. You must also have access to a crafting station of the appropriate type. Mobile Crafting stations can be bought during play or during character creation. All of the normal pathfinder crafting feats are banned. There are several new feats that will reduce the time and gold required to craft an item. Trying to craft an item of choice without the required skills will result in a chance of failure based on how valuable the attempted creation is, the chance of failure being higher the higher the value. Pricing and time will be up to the DM (Don't worry you'll still be on average or better power level, I just hate the pathfinder crafting rules.) Craft Arms and Armor: Metal Craft Arms and Armor: Nonmetal Enchant Weapon Enchant Armor Craft Jewelry Enchant Jewelry Craft Technology/Magitech Mobile Crafting Stations: Enchanter's Station 12,000g Metalworker's Station 10,000 Nonmetalworker's Station 7,000 Jeweler's Station 9,000 Engineer's Station 11,000 (I will let you guys metagame a little. You will have an NPC in your party that is a jeweler with a station and enough skill to take care of you guys on jewelery)

The Rules

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